Datavan Tango T-615W

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Datavan Tango T-615W

The Datavan Tango T-615W is an award-winning point-of-sale terminal.  With a modern and stylish look, it stands out from the crowd.  The ultra thin 15.6” wide format touch screen features a unique flip-over design allowing greater public interaction.  The low profile format of the terminal not only makes it extremely stable in use but also more suitable for less-able operators or installations where the counter is higher.  It also ensures staff aren’t hidden behind the screen allowing them to engage with the customer better.

The Datavan Tango T-615W isn’t just about looks either. Powered by a low voltage consumption Intel J1900 2.4ghz quad-core processor and backed up by 4Gb of RAM it will tackle all tasks with easy.  It also comes with the latest Windows 10 IoT operating system, future proofing you for years to come.

The Tango T-615W uses a passive cooling system and aluminium die-cast chassis, ensuring this fanless PoS terminal run cool and quiet.  It has splash resistant main chassis and IP65 rated front facing touch display minimize the harmful effect of water and dust making the Tango T-615W ideal for harsh environments like bars, clubs and fast-food outlets.

For your peace of mind, the Datavan Tango T-615W comes with a manufacturer backed 3-year return to base warranty as standard.

  • Ultra thin 15.6” wide format touch screen
  • Intel J1900 2.4Ghz quad-core processor
  • 4Gb RAM, 64Gb SSD
  • Windows 10 IoT operating system
  • Unique flip-overdesign
  • Low profile for stability

  • 2-line rear FVD display
  • 10” LCD rear display
  • Slimline MSR
  • iButton reader
  • 2D scanner for loyalty systems
  • 2nd hard drive for back-up (RAID support)
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Tango T-615W